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Meet our Ambassadors

Get to know the inlaw representative from your University!

If you would like to be an Ambassador for inlaw at your university, just drop us an email with the subject line '[Your University] inlaw Ambassador Application'.


Emilie Hart

University of Exeter

Course of Study: Second Year English Lit. & Spanish

Interest in inlaw: I came across the inlaw website whilst researching law as a potential career. Most of the research I had done prior to this had been law firm based, and so finding out more on the possibility of working in-house, in the legal department of a company has opened up a whole new potential side to my future career in Law. I now want to make more students who are considering converting to Law aware of this possibility and show that going into Law isn’t just a one-track route to working in a Law Firm.


Gina Sandhu

University of Law (Bloomsbury Campus)

Course of Study: LPC LLM

Interest in inlaw: I have just completed my law degree at the University of Leicester, and I will be commencing my LPC LLM at the University of Law in September. I am interested in inlaw because I found that at university, there was not enough advice and information given in regard to pursuing a legal career in-house. I love that I can find the guidance that I was seeking for and the in-house opportunities that are available - all on one platform. I was able to work on the 2016 presidential campaign for the Democratic Party in Florida, which gave me the opportunity to attend one of former President Obama's rallies and he truly was the most incredible speaker that I have ever heard. I hope to build on my skills and experiences in the future by contributing to inlaw. 


Lana Headley

University of Law (Bloomsbury Campus)

Course of Study: Final Year Law

Interest in inlaw: I am so excited to join the inlaw team as a campus ambassador. I am currently studying law at the University of Law Bloomsbury, where I am also a university ambassador and a community representative. I will be entering my final year in September. I am interested in inlaw due to its strong connection to the in-house market and the knowledge the team possess, that I hope to benefit from and contribute to as inlaw continues to grow.


Jody Li

University of Warwick

Course of Study: Third Year Law

Interest in inlaw: Last year I had the opportunity by Aspiring Solicitors to participate in a legal vacation scheme at Network Rail. This was completely new to me and I loved the experience I had in-house. I was unaware of the opportunities and where to look for them. I am very excited to be a part of this new initiative where I can help bridge the gap between in-house law and aspiring lawyers.

University of Warwick
University of Exeter
University of Law (Bloomsbury Campus)
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