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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Kayleigh Jenkinson

Intern at inlaw

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you've studied:

Hi my name is Kayleigh and I am originally from north west London, about to embark on my final year at the University of Liverpool where I am reading International Policy & Politics and History.

Why did you decide to pursue a legal career?

Before I started university, I always had a subconscious interest in a legal career. Initially I was interested in how politics infiltrates industrial and commercial sectors, however during my first year of university this interest shifted to focus on how the law also behaves in this way. I am excited by the daily intellectual challenges that a career in law presents, as well as the fast-paced nature that many legal practice areas entail. Perusing a career in an environment where I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds has always appealed to me in addition to the strong interpersonal skills required. Furthermore, pursuing a legal career in London, a major international hub of financial innovation and growth, would foster my global outlook.

How you heard about working in-house?

I heard about in-house after hearing Katie speak at an Aspiring Solicitors conference earlier this year. It quickly resonated that in-house law is not a commonly discussed pathway to a legal career, especially at UoL, which led me to research in-house careers, where it quickly became a career option.

What areas of law you are interested in and why?

My legal interests are predominantly corporate, as I am intrigued by the changes in the corporate sphere and how they generate innovation and technology advancements in the legal sphere. Practice areas I am interested in include dispute resolution and various areas in corporate law. Although I do keep a very open mind, as I have experienced before that you can often gravitate towards an area of interest you didn’t even previously consider! Gaining insight into different practice areas within the context of a given company or organisation as you do in-house is something I would like to experience. The prospect of pioneering solutions and working within a large team is something I can envisage myself being a part of in the future.

What are your interests/hobbies?

I have a strong interest in current affairs and enjoy listening to podcasts and engaging with legal blogs, especially those produced by my peers or other students. I am a member of my university Lacrosse club, and I also (try to) go to the gym as often as I can, where I use that time to de-stress.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

I have been a lifeguard since I was 16. Although I have never saved someone, that doesn’t mean I have let someone drown either!

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