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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Shone Humphrey

Intern at inlaw

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you've studied:

Hi, my name is Shonte and I am a Law graduate. I graduated in November 2019, from the University of Law (Bloomsbury campus). I currently work in an estate agent; I have a YouTube channel and I also started a blog. I have also been learning Spanish via the app Duolingo and my grandad has also been teaching me. During this pandemic, I enrolled in a Harvard online course – Computer Science for Lawyers and completed a Python 3 tutorial course. Having been furloughed, it was the perfect time to learn new skills.

Why did you decide to pursue a legal career?

When I was in school, I loved debating and always pictured myself presenting legal arguments in court. I therefore sought about studying law, however I never thought I was good enough and I was extremely close to not studying it. But here I am, graduated with a degree in law. When I started studying law, I was exposed to all the different practice areas and I also had the opportunity to undertake work experience which gave me a real insight into the practice of solicitors and barristers.

How you heard about working in-house?

I heard about in-house in my second year of university. I attended a variety of legal events, mainly private practice, where people I networked with recommended looking at in-house legal roles, but I knew very little. In university there was a lot of emphasis on private practice but not in-house. I learnt more about in-house when I completed my Legal Internship at Crafty Counsel – The home of online videos for legal teams.

What areas of law you are interested in and why?

My university was good at demonstrating the practical side of the law and I thoroughly enjoyed my commercial modules. One module I took particular interest in was Employment law. I also completed work experience at a commercial high-street firm, where I had the opportunity to undertake Employment law tasks. For example, reviewing settlement agreements and drafting letters.

I further completed the White & Case virtual internship, (it’s free to complete on InsideSherpa) where I completed a variety of tasks that one can expect a trainee solicitor to undertake whilst at the firm. It gave me a better understanding of the type of work undertaken by an international law firm and some of the issues that may arise. For example, counterparty credit risk in African project finance transactions.

What are your interests/hobbies?

I launched my YouTube channel in 2016 to help boost my confidence. I am self-taught, from filming and lighting to editing. My content includes fashion, makeup and lifestyle tips. My YouTube channel has allowed me to gain variable skills and showcase my creativity and personality. I also created law-related content for My videos include The Benefits of Pro Bono/Volunteering and Legal Books I recommend. I enjoy being creative and it is satisfying seeing my project unfold from just an idea into a YouTube video.

I also have a published blog – The purpose of my blog is to showcase my career journey and to help anyone who may need a helping hand. When I first started on my journey there was a lot of information available – I just did not know about it. I plan to provide the information that I did not necessarily have when I first started on my legal journey in my blog.

I enjoy reading, especially self-development books and books on The Law of Attraction, and I enjoy completing puzzles. For Christmas, my sister bought me a puzzle board so I would stop doing my puzzles on my mum’s table, and as she calls it, stop making a mess. I recently bought an adult colouring book which I love, it is perfect for winding down and relieving stress. I recommend colouring to help with mental health.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

I am really into the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. The Law of Attraction/Manifestation is all about what you project out into the universe you will receive. For example, if you constantly think negative thoughts, negative things will start to happen, however if you think positively, positive things will start to happen. I have read quite a lot of books on the topic and have started to branch into more spiritual books.

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